WATCH Laois couple delighted with their 16 little new arrivals

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


Deb Hyland and her husband Séan are delighted with their new arrivals to their home in the Trumera area of Laois.

Deb takes up the story.

"Yesterday one of our Hens hatched out 16 fluffy chicks. It's the most one of our hens have ever nested on. She went missing and by the time we had found her, very well hidden away I must add, she had already been sitting on them for quite a while so we let her be.

"We guessed roughly when they might hatch and had been keeping an eye on her. Yesterday she appeared with 16 healthy, happy chicks.

Deb concluded.

"They are my husband's pets.We have had over 26 chicks in the last four weeks!"