WATCH - Met Éireann's weather forecasting partner's updated prediction on extent of cold snap

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


A brief return of mild weather is set to give way to more than a week of cold wintery weather with a blast of bitterly cold weather from the east hitting possible early in February. 

the Met Office, Met Éireann's weather forecasting partner, has updated its verdict on the potential for Beast from the East levels in the short term.

Met Éireann has predicted that after a mild Thursday and dry and mild Friday when temperatures will jump, the cold snap will bite back.

The Met Office in the UK partners with Met Éireann in forecasting especially extreme events. Last week it had predicted the possible arrival of Siberian weather and, like the Irish forecaster, it has issued weather warning for Monday and Tuesday.

A subsequent 10-day forecast issued on Tuesday said the cold would not deteriorate to Siberian weather and milder conditions this week and into the weekend.

However, like Met Éireann, it too expects bitterly cold weather to return this weekend and forecasts a continuation of cold wintery weather into next week.

The Met Office expects that the weather will stay cold and windy next week with a possibility that weather from the east could hit over the first weekend of March. will keep you up to date.