WATCH Really cold arctic winter weather that will be a 'shock' to system in the forecast

10 DAY FORECAST ISSUED BY Met Éireann's partner reveals possible first cold blast of the winter

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Very cold weather is on the horizon and it could hit around General Election day in Ireland according to the main European weather forecasting charts used by Met Éireann's official forecasting partner in its 10-day forecast.

The Met Office says European weather charts show a high cell of weather developing over Ireland and Britain bringing northerly cold weather which has not been seen yet this winter.

It could see really cold weather coming down south from the artic.

"That will be a shock to the system because we haven't really seen these northerly winds at all this winter," said meteorologist Aengus Deakin.

The forecaster added that another forecast in US weather charts shows milder weather.

Watch the 10-day forecast above.