WATCH Frontline Covid-19 team at Portlaoise hospital have GREAT Christmas message for the people of Laois

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


Christmas 2020 will be a season like no other and the Frontline Covid-19 team at Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise have produced a video message for the community to thank them for their efforts and dedication in suppressing COVID-19 and remind everyone that we need to continue to hold firm and keep up the good work.

The staff want you to enjoy Christmas but say meeting people increases your risk of getting COVID-19 and spreading it to others. The more people you meet up with, the higher the risk so these Frontline workers want you to follow the public health advice to protect yourself and others:

- Wash your hands properly and often
- Practice social distancing
- Cover coughs and sneezes
- Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
- Wear a face covering when shopping, dining out or in busy indoor places

Michael Knowles is the General Manager at the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise.

“If you are meeting people at Christmas, that carries a risk of catching COVID-19, but remember the public health advice that we have been following this year and don’t let the guard down. Think about how much risk you want to take and how you can reduce it.

"It’s safest to meet your friends and family outdoors. But we know this won’t always be possible, particularly on Christmas Day. If you do meet indoors, keep a window open for ventilation. Even opening a window a small amount will make a difference. Try to avoid places where you cannot keep 2 metres apart from other people. If you are in a public place where it is difficult to keep 2 metres away from others, wear a face covering. Leave an area if it becomes too busy and you feel uncomfortable.

"Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Christmas from all of us here at Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise,” he sad.

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