Portlaoise Main Street at a standstill this morning in a 'perfect storm' of roadworks, deliveries and court day

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


Portlaoise Main Street might be best for drivers to avoid this morning, with a megamix of problems causing traffic delays.

A combination of fibreoptic cable roadworks by Siro, another busy court day and delivery trucks stopping on Main Street had the street at a standstill this morning.

A delivery truck that reportedly parked for 40 minutes opposite the courthouse and refused to move, blocked traffic along the street when another truck was unable to get by.

It caused a long backlog of cars including Garda vans with prisoners going to the courthouse for sittings today, Thursday October 19.

Our video shows the moment when workers for Siro eventually solved the problem by temporarily moving their safety fencing to let the truck drive past.

Siro workers told the Leinster Express that their work will be completed within hours today.

In the meantime shoppers might be best to park off the Main Street and access it on foot, bring your umbrella!

Free parking period in Portlaoise to extend to 45 minutes.