Teachers shock students at Positive Mental Health Electric College night in Laois #watch

Stan Henderson


Stan Henderson



Hundreds of students at Portlaoise College’s Electric College night were treated to a surprise video created by teachers and staff members from all departments as they danced Footloose.

The video was shown to the ecstatic students during the fantastic event to celebrate the amber flag awarded college’s annual Positive Mental Health week electrified extravaganza.

Brushes and shovels were used as musical instruments as teachers danced on tables during the the video.

Scores of mobile phones were immediately lifted into the air as screaming pupils began to video record the marvellous array of talented dancing from the projection screen in the school’s sports hall.

The video ends with principal Noel Daly’s jumping off the stage and landing in his famous dab to the delight of the students.

There were many talented musically minded students who also took to the stage during the celebrations and entertained both fellow students and staff members alike. Plenty of treats were available free of charge as students from first year through to sixth year danced the night away.