WATCH: Reeling in the years as Laois slay the mighty Meath in 1992 championship opener

Brian Lowry


Brian Lowry


There was plenty of familiarity between Laois and Meath in the early 90's. Meath had won a couple of All Ireland's in the years previous but on a faithful sunny day in 1992, the O'Moore County stopped them in their tracks.

Beaten by Meath in the 1991 Leinster senior football final, the sides were drawn against each other in the opening round of the 1992 championship and Laois had their eye on a scalp.

Played in Navan in front of a packed house, the game was one of those old school, teak tough encounters that had supporters on the edge of their seat.

The game had pretty much everything. Players sent off from both sides, goals drama, cameos of the bench from some of the stars of yesteryear and even a fresh faced Hughie Emerson, who in the year he did his Leaving Cert, burst onto the Inter County scene.

Sit back and relive the highlights of the game that were shown on the Sunday Game the night of the game almost 30 years ago.