Laois pharmacist backs #bestshot campaign to administer Covid vaccines

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

Laois pharmacist backs #bestshot campaign to administer Covid vaccines

Peter McElwee backs #bestshot vaccine campaign by Leinster Express

The Leinster Express has begun a campaign for Covid-19 vaccines to be delivered straight into our communities through local pharmacies.

With soaring cases and hospital admissions, the need for an effective vaccine rollout to see our community open up once again is vital.

To that end, we have started a petition to the  Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly so the people of Laois can let the government know that they believe that the vaccine should be delivered straight to our local communities - through our local pharmacies.

Pharmacist Peter McElwee says his staff are experienced and capable of administering the vaccine, along with many other Laois pharmacies.

He runs three pharmacies in Laois, two in Mountmellick and one at the Cedar Clinic, Portlaoise.

He said that pharmacies are ideal to provide Covid vaccinations.

“We are at the middle of every community in every town. We know all the people and their priority levels assigned by the HSE, so we would be able to prioritise patient groups if required. We are capable of doing the vaccinations and have experience, plus pharmacies are very Covid aware and our environments are very safe. 

Of all medical places including GP surgeries, we are the most open and available to communities while still providing a safe environment. We communicate with patients and we offer them ease of access and we are also available for queries. 

He said that there is not enough communication so far.

“It could be better and we could be involved slightly earlier. We are getting very small levels of communication. We have been given very little by way of what protocol although our abilities would already cover how to give the vaccine. The registration process has started but we are waiting until we are instructed by the Irish Pharmacies Union.

We would be very happy to administer the vaccine, we have three pharmacies and all our staff are on board with it,” he said.

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