100 facts about Laois appeal - new book in the works

Laois Heritage Society wants your help

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Rock of Dunmaise

Rock of Dunamaise in Loais

Fact-checking is the buzz phrase to counter the fake news world and now a Laois group has begun the process setting the record straight by gathering information for a new book to be called '100 facts of Laois'. 

The Laois Heritage Society says the aim of the book is to promote some of the little-known facts in the county in terms of history and personalities associated with Laois over the years and centuries.

"What we are asking of our followers is if they would like to submit three topics or subjects which they believe would be worthy of a mention in the book," says the society.

Once you have made a submission the Laois Heritage Society committee says it will then review each of these and we will be in touch with you.

When published each article will be credited to the member who submitted for the book.

Submissions can be made by Thursday, October 31 to email address laoisheritagesociety@gmail.com