ELECTRIC PICNIC: Stage times for Salty Dog, Trailer Park, Trenchtown and more

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

ELECTRIC PICNIC:  Stage times for Salty Dog, Trailer Park, Trenchtown and more

Picture: Scott Salt/Electric Picnic

Electric Picnic is in the air in Laois and with just one day to wait before early entry opens the comedy and music stage times have been announced. 

The Irish Times has revealed stage times for comedy, Salty Dog, Trenchtown, Trailer Park and Jerry Fish. The Main Stage, Body and Soul Main Stage and the Three Made By Music stage times were announced on Monday. 

Have a look at the latest stage time announcements below and get planning your Electric Picnic weekend.


Salty Dog stage
10.30pm-midnight Mo Kelly (DJ set)
9.40pm Montauk Hotel
8.30pm Vulpynes
7.30pm Carron


Salty Dog stage
2.50am-4am Transformer by the Salty Dog No Stars
1am Secret guests
11.30pm Khartoum
10.05pm Stefan Murphy and the Athletes of Soul
8.30pm The Uproot Hootenanny
7.05pm Waiting for Smith
5.40pm These Charming Men
4.35pm The Roadhouse Doors
3.30pm Brian Whittington
2.20pm Cherym
1.10pm Secret guests
Noon Electric Wednesday

Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow
2-4am The Kilo 1977
Midnight Bon Voyage featuring Shamon Cassette and Arveene
11pm Carnival fire show featuring Terri Fierce + Family
9pm Se7en Inch Collective
7.30pm DJ Mattie B
6pm Will de Burca

Trailer Park
1.05-3.30am Spinster DJs
11.40pm Cooks But We’re Chefs
10.15pm Loosysmokes
9pm Shogunz of Stank
7.45pm Panik Attacks
6.30pm Henry Earnest
5.15pm Harvest: A Tribute to Neil Young
4pm Montauk Hotel
2.45pm A Great Quiet
1.25pm Galway Street Club
Noon Code of Behaviour Brass Band

Terminus dance arena
10.30pm-midnight Amelie Lens
9pm Kettama

Global Green Village Hall
2.15-4am Mo Kelly (DJ set)
12.30-2am RobotRock

Trenchtown: Kingston 12 Arena (main stage)
2.30am Bazza Ranks x Dynamite MC
12.20am DJ Wax
11.40pm Adrian Lenz
10pm Jigzzsaw
8.30pm The Rebel Souls
7.15pm Boss Sound Manifesto
6pm Jameire
4pm DJ Mog Y

Trenchtown: Afrikaya
10pm Lex Woo
8pm Easy Yves
6pm Baz Hickey
4pm MC Little Tree
2pm Selective Sounds
Noon Oi Oi Sound

Trenchtown: Treasure Beach
Midnight Sibh C
10pm Lady Michelle
8pm Miss Scotty
6pm DJ Blazehitta
4pm DJ Nigel Woods
2pm DJ Defensive Mix Up
Noon DJ Dodgy
11am One World Sound
9am Will Softly


Comedy tent
8.15pm-9pm Foil Arms and Hog
7.40pm Lords of Strut
7.05pm Deirdre O’Kane
6.35pm Danny O’Brien
6pm Ardal O’Hanlon
5.30pm Paul Currie
5.05pm John Lynn
4.45pm Joe Rooney
4.10pm Abandoman
3.45pm Gearóid Farrelly
3.20pm Maisie Adam
3pm Ger Staunton
2.40pm Naomi Cooper
2.20pm Connor Drumm
2pm Colin Chadwick
1.30pm Paul Marsh
1.15pm MC Karl Spain

Salty Dog stage
2.50-4am Otherkin
1am RSAG
11.30pm Kormac
10.05pm Pillow Queens
8.30pm Shogunz of Stank
7.05pm Secret guests
6pm Porcelain Hill
4.50pm Nealo
3.40pm Badhands
2.25pm Amy Montgomery
1.10pm Ojo
Noon Amber and the Bear

Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow
Midnight-4am Sideshow disco/Mother DJs
11pm The Frank & Walters
10pm Sack
9pm Home Brew
7.40pm The Academic
6.40pm Powpig
5.40pm San Patricio Mariachi Band
4.40pm Crow Black Chicken
3.40pm Underscore Orchestra
2.50pm Jack O’Rourke
2pm Join Me in the Pines
1.10pm Odd Morris
12.20pm Martian Subculture
11am Breathe with the Beat (House of Yoga)

Terminus dance arena
10.30pm-midnight Maceo Plex
9pm Mella Dee
7.45pm DJ Seinfeld
6.45pm Kneecap
5pm The 2 Johnnies

Trailer Park
11.40pm Telephones
10.15pm Loosysmokes
9pm Interskalactic
7.45pm Khartoum
6.40pm Luna Boys
5.30pm CC Brez
4.20pm The Roadhouse Doors
3.30pm Special guests
2.30pm The Pearly Whites
1.15pm Bootleg Beach Boys
Noon The Lunatics and guests

Global Green Village Hall
2.30-4am Conor Fahy (DJ)
1am The Rebellion (DJ)
8-8.40pm Kyoto Love Hotel
7pm Kastane
6pm OfficeCoffee
5pm Basciville
4pm Dashoda
3pm Abbacaxi
2pm Meghan Murray

Trenchtown: Kingston 12 Arena (main stage)
2.30am Sim Simma Soundsystem
1.20am Mango x Mathman
12.30am Outsider YP
11.20pm Ruckus FX
9.50pm The Skatuesques
8pm Yankari
6.20pm The Light Runners
4pm Ska Patrol
2pm DJ Grillz x DJ Chedder (Taboo Cork)

Trenchtown: Afrikaya
10pm Rootsman Wurzel
9.15pm Inike
8.20pm Berracah Kisia
7pm Will Softly Afrobeat Set
4pm 3 Little Birds
2pm Lavosti x Dreadzilla
Noon Oi Oi Sound

Trenchtown: Treasure Beach
Midnight Jason Rootical
10pm Dr. Reggae Richie
8pm DJ Defensive Mix Up
6.30pm DJ Nigel Woods
4.30pm DJ Blazehitta
3.30pm Treasure Beach Collective
3pm Hot Sauce Dance It Up
1pm One World Sound
11am DJ Slick Normal
9am DJ Dodgy


Comedy tent
8.15-9pm David O’Doherty
7.35pm Daniel Sloss
7pm Jason Byrne
6.30pm Bernard O’Shea
6pm Kai Humphries
5.30pm Fred Cooke
5pm Tony Cantwell
4.35pm Kevin McGahern
4.10pm Julie Jay
3.45pm Ryan Cullen
3.25pm Aoife Dooley
3.05pm Anna Clifford
2.35pm Bernard Casey
2.20pm Mark O’Keefe
2pm Shane Clifford
1.30pm John Colleary
1.15pm MC Karl Spain

Salty Dog stage
3-4am Moxie
1.40am Meltybrains?
12.10am Cathy Davey
10.45pm Touts
9.20pm The Wha
7.55pm The Scratch
6.30pm Cooks But We’re Chefs
5.15pm Autre Monde
4.35pm Sinéad O’Brien
3.30pm Jinx Lennon
2.20pm Bicurious
1.10pm State Lights
Noon Galway Street Club

Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow
Midnight-2am Sideshow disco/“End of the World party”/The Kilo 1977
11pm Very loud special guests
9.40pm Ajo Arkestra
8.20pm Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow Band and An Emotional Fish
7.20pm Kid Karate
6.20pm Somebody’s Child
5.20pm The Pale
4.30pm Black Bank Folk
3.40pm Classic Yellow
2.50pm Clare Sands
2pm Wolff
1.10pm Lilac
12.20pm Sparkle
11.20am Wobbly Circus workshop

Terminus dance arena
11pm-midnight Kölsch
9.30pm Fjaak (Live)
8pm Rebüke
6.30pm Eve

Trailer Park
12.30-1.30am Trenchuria
11.10pm TPM
9.50pm Loosysmokes
8.25pm prYmary colours
7.10pm Strange Attractor
5.55pm Junk Kouture
4.40pm Dublin Gospel Choir
3.25pm Ojo
2.15pm Underscore Orkestra
1.05pm Trinitones and Dublin Ukelele Collective
12.25pm InBetween Honey
11.45am Opal Lights

Global Green village hall
Midnight-3.30am Closing party
9pm Disrupt
8pm Kiruu
7pm jarjarjr
5.50pm Special guest
4.30pm SpeakEATsy: A People’s Dialogue
3.50pm NibZz
3pm Zamo Riffman
2pm Airbourne Sphinge

Trenchtown: Kingston 12 Arena (main stage)
2am Cian Finn
12.50am Stevie G x Hot Sauce Dance Crew featuring Celaviedmai x Kellzy Boy
11.30pm Natty Wailer
10pm Keltic Possee featuring Lavosti
8.40pm The Skalps
7pm The Clandestinos
5.30pm Skazoo Allstars
4.45pm Bevin Rimson
2.30pm Jon Pierce

Trenchtown: Afrikaya
10pm The Electric Caravan
8pm DJ Wally/Phil One/Black MC
6pm DJ Kali
4pm Selective Sounds
2pm DJ Slick Normal
Noon Oi Oi Sound

Trenchtown: Treasure Beach
10pm Treasure Beach Collective
8pm Jay Sharp
5pm 3 Little Birds
3pm DJ Dodgy
1pm One World Sound
11am DJ Will Softly x DJ Slick Normal
9am Sibh C

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