YVONNE CULLETON: How do I tone and lose weight off my tummy area?

Yvonne Culleton


Yvonne Culleton



YVONNE CULLETON: How do I tone and lose weight off my tummy area?

How do I tone and lose weight off my tummy area?

That is a question I get asked very regularly! Well basically my first question back to them would be, what is your nutrition like? Do you eat/drink a lot of sugary foods/drinks, too much refined carbs like white pasta’s/white bread etc?

Now I’m not saying not to eat them, they are fine in moderation and portion control, but too much in your diet can lead to bloating. Carbs absorb water so if we eat a lot we retain water which leads to bloating and makes you feel sluggish and blah!!

We all know that feeling when your bloated and feeling blah!!

Plus carbs are our main energy source and, if not used up, excess carbs will be stored as fat.

Instead have healthy sources of carbs like wholegrains, fruits and vegetables. These foods are also rich in fibre which, of course, helps regulate our bowel movements, so less bloating.

I’d also ask, do you drink a lot of alcohol like beers/wine/alco pops? There are so many simple sugars and calories in these which are empty calories, meaning there is no nutritional value in them, just like in processed foods.

Be conscious of the sugar content on the back of these foods. Remember 4g of sugar = 1teasp of sugar. Make sure you don’t exceed the recommended daily allowance of 5 tsp of added sugar per day. Too much of this can also add inches to your waist.

Side plank for beginners: Place elbow directly under shoulder, stack feet make sure there’s a straight line from ankles to hips to shoulders. Keep hip raised (place other hand on ground for stability) and brace your core. Hols for 20 seconds each side x 4.

As soon as we cut down on these foods we feel good again. But continued eating and drinking of these foods will lead to a bigger gut and that’s where the danger area is with essential organs like the liver, pancreas, stomach and gallbladder all in that area, along with developing diabetes.

Also cut out trans fats like those found in takeaways, biscuits, cakes, margarine etc. Trans fats or hydrogenated fats are liquid fats that are chemically transformed into solids and should be limited in our diet.

Cutting down on these and eating little and often will help shrink the tummy.

Along with a good diet there are many exercises that can help tone your waist, when most of the fat is lost from that area. Crunches and planking are the most popular but adding in exercises like side planks, Russian twists, windmills are fantastic too. Have a look at the photos which has technique explained under it.

Side plank Intermediate/advanced: Same technique as beginner but raise arm up, keeping spine in neutral position.  Hold for 30 seconds each side x 4. Remember to keep those hips high. Advanced can use TRX or drop hip up and down.

Now being a mother of 4, and my babies were big busters, my tummy will never be as tight and toned as I want it to be. I have some loose skin that drives me crackers.  I’m sure there are a lot of you ladies reading this who can relate to that! It’s the most annoying thing ever but also the most beautiful reminder that you carried your babies for 9 whole months. Not that you need reminding you have babies,  but you know what I mean!!

Russian Twist: Sitting on your bum in a V shape with a kettlebell (optional) tap it off the ground on your right then twist to your left. Repeat until failure or you until those abs and sides burn!


By adding side planks, Russian twists and hanging leg raises into your workouts along with cardio and resistance (weight) training 3-4 times per week and being consistent with your good nutrition you should start to notice results in a couple of weeks…

Classes like TRX, kettlebells, HIIT, circuits, Boxercise, weight based classes and running are all fantastic forms of training to help you lose weight and tone that tum and everywhere else along with it.

“Remember Good Things Take Time”, so keep with it.


Thank you for reading,

Yvonne. X

Windmill: Standing tall with a kettlebell/dumbbell (optional), press up with one hand keeping arm straight and in line with your ear, step forward slightly with opposite foot and slide hand down thigh or as far as you can go, keeping an eye on the kettlebell at all times. Come back to standing and repeat 8-10 times then change sides and repeat twice.