More than 11,000 Laois commuters to be surveyed in job creation drive

Do you know someone in Laois who commutes out of the county to work?

Express Reporter


Express Reporter

More than 11,000 Laois commuters to be surveyed in job creation drive

Evelyn Reddin, Head of Enterprise,Local Enterprise Office, Laois, Kieran Kehoe, Director of Services, Laois County Council, John Mulholland, CEO, LCC, Denise Rainey, Business Support UnitIESS

Thousands of Laois commuters who face bleary eyed train, bus and road to Dublin and other locations are being asked to take part in new survey to be used to create more jobs in Laois.

Laois County Council is holding a county-wide survey for over 11,000 Laois people who commute in and out of the county every week for work.

Launched this week by the Business Support Unit in Laois County Council, the survey aims to identify the profile and skills of those 11,477 people leaving Laois on a daily basis.

If you are one of those 11,477 you are invited to take a few minutes to complete the Laois Commuter Survey, if you know somebody commuting they can also take the survey.

Laois has one of the fastest growing population figures in the country, results of the Census 2016 have confirmed.

The population of Laois is now at 85,000, with a quarter of them living in Portlaoise. Portlaoise is now the most populated town in the midlands, at 22,500 people, and with a growing young population in what is now a commuter county, that figure is only set to increase. The population in Laois has increased by 5.1% percent since 2011.

The census revealed that, in total, 18,700 adults leave home by 8 am each morning. A further 3,935 people are out the door before 6.30am according to the figures compiled by the Central Statistics Office.

Census 2016 figures also reveal that while there are 14,489 Laois residents working in the County, a further 11,477 people commuted to work outside Laois.

John Mulholland is the Chief Executive of Laois County Council.

"While we know the numbers commuting outside the County for work, we now want to assess the profile and skills of those Laois commuters.

"Building up a database of the skills and educational qualifications of Laois commuters will enhance our efforts to attract business to the County.

"The Business Support Unit of Laois County Council is very committed to getting more companies to do business in Laois and if we can give companies information on the skills and qualifications Laois people have to offer, it should enhance our efforts in marketing Laois as a place to do business," he said.

Laois County Council is now setting aside a budget of €10,000 to update its skills database, in order to stimulate local job creation.

Those who participate in the survey will be in with a chance to win a voucher for the Midlands Park Hotel. 

Take the survey here.

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The questions include:

Which county do you commute to?

How many days per week do you commute for work?

What form of transport do you use?

Level of education you have achieved?

What was your field of study ?

What employment sector are you working in?

If an opportunity arose to work in Laois what would be the deciding factors?