Singing Laois postman has the perfect poem for the Irish summer

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

Mountmellick's singing postman has the perfect poem for a Laois summer

Mountmellick Postman John Lawlor

A Laois postman who is well known for singing his songs on YouTube (see below) as well as on his rounds, has penned the perfect poem for the summer.

Talented John Lawlor from Mountmellick who is also a gifted gardener, ticks all the boxes for a Laois summer in his poem.

Inspired by the chats as he delivers the post in the mornings, he mentions a bit of painting on the house, the bog, potato blight, the length of the days, the tae and even getting a photo in the local paper (the Leinster Express we hope!)

It's just lovely, well done John.

Up at the Crack of Dawn

The perfect square of earthly clod
''nice day'' lovely, thank God
love that colour, which one, oh the green
mixed it myself, goes well with the cream

The blue and white is nice on the well
ye 'up laois' hopefully an end to the dry spell
whats the bog like, were you up there at all
there's a great crust but no wind at all

wasn't that a fierce long winter this year
never saw it as bad in all my 80 years
did you spray for the blight or did you bother
I used a homemade mix, handed down by my late mother

can't really use the sprayer, my hands are in a bad way
the auld arthritis.....will you have some tae
there's a flask inside, work away
hard to believe its the 21st....the longest day

its all downhill from here, where does time go at all
talking of which,i may head, don't forget your package on the wall
Well done, saw you on this weeks paper
it was a good bit of craic...God bless....see you later