Laois bins charges switching to 'pay by weight' within days

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

Laois bins charges switching to 'pay by weight' within days

All bin charges in Laois are changing to a 'pay by weight' option within 10 days, but the options are complex for customers.

Carlow waste collection company Ray Whelan Ltd which services many domestic customers in Laois, has issued letters this week outlining three options, however customers must pick one by October 1. 

Their customers who already have a direct debit for a standard bin service, will be automatically switched to a new Standard Service option costing €288 a year. If they exceed 850kg of waste in a year, they must pay 10c per kg of rubbish, ahead of bin day or the bin will not be collected. Compost and recyling bins have no charge. 

Customers who tend to recycle more, can choose Pay by Weight for their rubbish bin at 30c per kg. However they must also pay by weight for their compost bin at 20c per kg. As compost and food waste is wetter and heavier, it will be tricky for customers to know if it will save them money. Those customers must also pay a flat fee of €120 a year ahead of paying for weight, with no option to pay by direct debit.

A third option is Pay by Lift, for customers who only occasionally put out bins. This has an annual flat fee of €150, and a charge of €8 per bin lift up to 30kg, after which is a charge of 12c per kg.

This services charges €2 per recycling bin lift, and €6 for a compost bin lift, but the compost bin "must be emptied fortnightly or the contents are no longer compostable".

The company has an App called Ray Whelan and asks customers to register on their website to access their account.

The change follows new Irish legislation that companies can no longer charge flat rates to collect waste, but must charge by weight. The new rules were meant to be phased in for customers over the past 15 months from July 2017. 

Bin providers are legally obliged to give brown bins for food waste and other organic waste, to anyone living in a town with a population of over 500 people. Legislation also enforces the separation of food waste from rubbish. See it here.

Bord na Mona's collection company AES has already introduced options for pay by weight. The charges are almost the same for both AES and Ray Whelan Ltd.