Which side of the car is the fuel cap on? There's been an arrow there this whole time...




Which side of the car is the fuel cap on? The answer has been right in front of us the whole time...

I was today years old when I realised...

Have you ever pulled up to the filling station, gotten out of your car, only to find your fuel cap is on the other side?

Regardless of whether you've owned your car for 10 years or 10 days, we've all been there. 

You might have tried looking into the side mirrors trying to get a glimpse, or even gone as far as hanging out the window to get a peek.

Well, what if the answer was right in front of your eyes this whole time? You've probably stared at it every day and not realised. 

If you look at your car’s dash, and to the fuel pump symbol specifically, there should be an arrow. That arrow should be pointing to either the left or the right and it’s supposed to indicate which side your petrol tank is actually on.

Don't believe us? Try it out yourself!