Inquiry to proceed into Garda fixed charge motoring and drink driving breath test controversy

Gardaí provide substantial amount of data to Policing authority

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Express Reporter


Inquiry to proceed into Garda fixed charge motoring and drink driving breath test controversy

The Gardaí have provided enough information to the Policing Authority on the Fixed Charge Notice and breadth test controversy to allow an independent audit.

On 27 March 2017 the Policing Authority requested information from the Garda Síochána on a range of matters relating to Fixed Charge Notices and Mandatory Alcohol Testing data to facilitate the Authority’s further consideration of the matter.

The Authority has said that in response, the Garda Síochána provided a large amount of data and information to the Authority on Friday 31 March, which has now now been reviewed.

In parallel, the Authority has been working to commission an independent external audit, of (a) the reporting of breath tests and Mandatory Alcohol Checkpoints and (b) the issuing of FCNs and summonses in respect of FCN offences.

"We are satisfied that the material provided to us by the Garda Síochána on 31 March has provided sufficient information to enable us to finalise terms of reference for this external audit," said a statement.

The audit will first examine the measures put in place to prevent a recurrence of these issues and consider whether any further changes or actions are required in order for the Authority to be assured in its oversight role that robust measures have been put in place to prevent future failures of this nature.

Concurrently, it will examine the processes involved, how the issues occurred, any failure to identify problems at an earlier stage and what took place once the issues came to light. The audit will consider any weaknesses in the control and governance environment that facilitated the issues occurring and will make recommendations to the Authority.

"We have been working in cooperation with the Office of Government Procurement to enable us to commission this work without delay in compliance with the government procurement procedures. Once this process is complete and a service provider is appointed, we will be in a position to provide information about when the work will conclude and when the Authority will receive a final report," said the statment.

The documents provided to the Authority by the Gardaí were provided on a confidential basis.