Looking for an all electric luxury SUV? Try the Jaguar i-Pace

Hugh Maguire


Hugh Maguire



Looking for an all electric luxury SUV? Try the Jaguar i-Pace

With spring around the corner some of us may get to thinking about a new car.

We are all being told that electric cars are the future and manufacturers are certainly throwing a lot of money in research and development to ensure they have an electric car to suit their customers.

Jaguar’s i-Pace has shown the potential for a stylish, luxury EV that has decent range.

The styling is attractive and all the better for looking like a “normal” Jaguar, with none of the Eco car looks that has plagued some EV vehicles.

It sits quite low for an SUV giving it a dynamic style that hints at its sporty pretensions.

The I-Pace is powered by 2 electric motors, one for each axle giving the car in effect 4 wheel drive and a total power output of 400bhp.

Jaguar claim a range of some 480km between recharges and claim the 90 KW battery can be charged to 80% in just 40 minutes using a 100 KW charging point (of which there are few).

Hook it up to the domestic supply and it will take around 10 hours to hit 80% capacity.

Performance as we have come to expect from electric cars is good hitting 100km in just 4.8 seconds so sporty in nature but practical too seating five in comfort and boasting a large 656 litre boot.

Jumping inside its immediately obvious that a lot of thought went into the interior as well.

Its sumptuous with beautifully sculptured ultra modern sports seats and the dual control touch Pro Duo screens first seen in the recently launched Range Rover Velar.

Again it all ranges to look very stylish and I am glad to say that on the inside also Jaguar have resisted the temptation to give it a host of Eco displays.

It all looks refreshingly modern and very well designed.

I discovered that it drives very well indeed and performance is excellent.

It's quiet as you would expect but refined too with little or no wind or tyre noise. On a few twisty roads it handled very nicely too.

The new I-Pace is a very attractive premium EV.

It carries all that Jaguar pedigree and boasts a sporty driving experience in a fully electric SUV. The Jaguar car configurator allows you “build your own I-Pace” which make an attractive proposition for those wanting more individualisation.

Prices start at a not inconsiderable €87,200 right up in Tesla and Audi E-Tron territory but that is the level at which this new EV Jaguar competes.