M7 Dublin Limerick motorway junction in Laois with no lights makes 'no sense'

Laois TD demands lights

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly

Motorway m7

M7 motorway.

Road lights must be installed on the Dublin Limerick M7 motorway for safety reasons at junction 18 turn off for Mountrath according to a Laois TD.

Sean Fleming said he has raised the issue with the motorway management agency.

"I have spoken directly to the Chief Executive of Transport Infrastructure Ireland and Laois County Council highlighting the fact that this is the first junction coming from Dublin without lights at a junction on the motorway.

"I have also highlighted that after you leave and also before you join the motorway at Junction 18 from the local road R445 coming from or going to Mountrath there is extensive lighting on the roundabouts on the local roads.

"It makes no sense not to have lights on the busy motorway junction where traffic travels at up to 120km per hour.  Many people on an ongoing basis miss this junction because of the fact that there is a bend in the road as you approach the junction and it is very easy to miss it.  

"I have asked the Transport Infrastructure Ireland to examine the situation to make this junction safe and to improve the lighting at this location," said the Fianna Fáil TD in a statement.